A New Bathroom For Georgi

Georgina, or “Georgi” Pooley lives in Hedon, with her parents, Rebecca and Stuart, and her sister Taylor-Rose. Georgi has Leukaemia, and is very susceptible to infection.

Initially, the Foundation were looking to help in various ways, either by purchasing a water filtration system, or, by contributing to the cost of a much needed family holiday.

However, circumstances changed dramatically, when the family bathroom sprang a leak, and, along with the household boiler, it was basically declared unfit for purpose by the plumber.

Because of her illness, Georgi has to have a Hickman Line permanently fitted for her treatment. She cannot get it wet, and a bath with a seat is required, so she can just put her feet and lower legs in the water.

The Kerry Key Foundation donated £2000 towards the cost of purchasing a new bathroom suite, which includes the type of bath that Georgi is able to use. It not only meets her needs for strict hygiene, but the bubbles and lights give her sensory comfort too.